Christ Community Church seeks to bring the Good News of Jesus to the people of Cherokee County. But we also believe it is our responsibility to go to all the nations. Part of that going involves supporting brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. We support the following missionaries:


The Baxters are helping mission-sending agencies and churches around the world to recruit, train, and send tent-making missionaries into the most difficult to reach nations. In addition, John and Jan train pastors and missionaries for the churches of the Philippines by teaching one semester per year at the Cebu Graduate School of Theology in Cebu.



Laurel Miller faithfully serves with Wycliff Bible Translators in and around the Ivory Coast of Africa.


Sarah G. is currently serving in S. Asia. She is working with a team of church planters seeking to partner with national believers to reach new areas of their city with the truth of the gospel.


Christ Community Church is also involved with pastor training and discipleship in South Asia, and we sent a team to Cuba in the summer of 2017 to partner with a local church in evangelism and have conversations about a long term relationship.

We also support local ministries that seek to expand God’s kingdom in Cherokee County:


Our purpose is to reach out to all women with compassion and care, in all walks of life, giving them accurate and healthy information and options during normal or crisis pregnancies, and other difficult crossroads. Our approach is non-judgmental, caring, compassionate, and hopeful. We want to help meet not only the physical and emotional needs, but also stand ready to address the spiritual aspect of each woman willfully seeking such counsel. We believe every woman is special and that her feelings, full knowledge of her choices, well-being, privacy, and safety are important. Whatever your history or situation, please come in the full assurance of confidence and allow us to serve you.


In addition, many of our members—both adult and youth—love to reach out to the community, especially to school age kids by volunteering time in several local schools and participating in the foster care system. In the summer of 2017, we hosted a day camp for many of the children we have worked with during the school year.


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